Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lincoln Roadies MargRide

Looking for something leisurely to do Friday nite? Drop in on the Lincoln Roadies Marg ride meeting @ the 84th & Mopac trailhead between 7-7:30. Folks then ride out to the One Eye'd Dog Saloon in Eagle. The margs out there are over-priced and under-potent, but a name was needed and that's what we had the first time. Come on out, have a bite to eat and ride home in the dark. The pace is slow and the company pleasant.


3p0 said...

Big skinny and I wana talk you into teaming up with us to do the 24 of Boone.

whacha think?

sydney_b said...

I think it sounds like fun, but I thought you were going to play golf instead. Count me in 'less something really big happens ... like I win the lotto that I don't even play or somesuch.

Sean Weide said...

You need to head south for the Tour of Kansas City, Sydney!

It's got a great course on Saturday and a tricky crit on Sunday. It also meets the field size for upgrade points.

sydney_b said...

I am going to be in KC this weekend, Sean. Had to post the Margride to get the word out.