Sunday, August 06, 2006

Kid's race start

Kid's Race Start
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The kid's race was a lot of fun and I have to boast a bit because I called the winner.... no, I recruited the winner right off main street. Janna and I were watching the races down on the corner of 4th and Norfolk Ave. when a mom and her two boys came across the street. When I saw the older boy pop his bike up over the curb I could tell he spent a lot of time on it and I asked him if he was going to enter the kids' race. He shyly said no. I told him I was sure he'd win and that he should ask his mom if he could do it. After a short conversation in spanish he said he could and I loaned him my helmet. Sure enough, Rodricko (sp?) won the race by a long shot, and got a cool prize along with a podium appearance. He seemed very happy with himself. The nicest thing was how he really tried to get his little brother to run go get his bike too. But the smaller boy was too shy and wouldn't do it.


adrian said...

Awesome story Sydney!

Bev said...

Great story and true community biking!

Sean Weide said...

Crap! I was caught on camera...


sydney_b said...

yeah, but you look good on camera! So no probs there. I thot the kid's race was a great touch.

That boy was so surprised he could participate with "a bike like this" (his bmx-style jobbie).