Friday, August 18, 2006

Hey Derald, I pay taxes too

Did y'all see Derald's letter in this morning's paper??? Guy thinks we don't pay taxes. He oughta remember that 'cause we ride our bikes, he's got fewer motorists to contend with, less pollution to breath, and more tax money to fix the streets his car ruins faster. Did you write your letter? L'equipe Lincoln has the first comments in response.


gravy said...

Oh no. I've learned my lesson. 1st rule of bike club is not to talk about bike club.

I'll say something and get frazzled by someone. Then, later tonight I'll get drunk and 'splode all over with blah blah blahs.

I'm sitting this one out.

sda said...

come on, jump into the fray. derald needs some love.

gravy said...

I almost did it. I almost replied with:

I'm probably one of Derald's biggest problems. A bike rider.

Yeah, sometimes I go through red lights, when there aren't any cars around. Why? Because some lights don't turn green unless a certain amount of weight is applied to the mechanism in the street. I'm sorry, I don't weigh enough.

Sometimes I block a lane of traffic downtown while riding. Why? Because people pull out of parking lots slightly to see around parked cars and that little bit takes up the side of the road that I usually ride on. Also, people have a tendency to open their car doors without checking for traffic. I'm sorry I've learned from experience that the side of the road downtown is not the safest place for bicycles.