Wednesday, August 23, 2006


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Alright cyclists u might need blood someday so u oughta get down and support the blood bank


Beerorkid said...

I used to donate all the time.
a good bloodletting soothes the soul.
I am a really good bleeder, I can fill the bag in under 3 minutes.

cominatcha said...

I usually donate my blood to unjust causes like the pavement. Will that lower my hemacrit level? Will they give me EPO?


Byekin said...

I give the "double-shot" which is like two pints of red cell platlets. They put some of the whole blood back in. Unfortunately whenever I do it, the next few weeks I'm sucking air. I'm surprised you gave, don't you have a race in Misery next weekend.

Cornbread said...

I would if I could. Damn Coumadin.

sydney_b said...

Well, byekin, it does take me about 48 hours to rebound, but they kept calling 'cuz they get short on my type. I felt like it was what I needed to do, so that's what I did.