Thursday, August 17, 2006

The bug

Got the bug
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O dear, my OC side has begun to defy repression.

So far this year, I've been riding my bike a lot and trying stuff out, you know, for fun. I'm a commuter, did a supported tour, and have sampled the racing thing, which was very dangerous given my competitive inclinations, and I think I may well have slipped over the edge.

One sign of infection surely includes my racing dreams, which lead to kinks in my neck from looking up over the bar and awakening with a new idea of something I could have done differently in previous races. Sheesh. Bikes should come with warning labels.

Oh well. I guess when you have a disease, you need to figure out a way to live with it in some sort of measured, targeted way. So, I'm going to start with this text. Any of you read it? Have others you prefer or recommend?


Anonymous said...
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monkeygirl said...

Hey saw your new ride at the wrench today, with your sidis parked under it, recognized it right away. That looks like very interesting text. I cannot wait to hear more about it.

emory said...

so this race on sept 9 how do i register and all that stuff?

3p0 said...

I know what you mean. but my dreams involve going over a jump and the bottom falling out, and just floating down.

or trying to find beer to buy on a bike ride, you just go from one place to the other and nobody has beer to sell you.

oh, and the I can't peddle 4mph just stuck going slow. and in a bad postiton on the bike...

cominatcha said...

Maybe I can help. The state road race is sept 9. You'll need a bike and a 1 day license, if you don't have a USCF license, which can be purchased the day of. Also, a helmet is mandatory. You can go to and check under the calender for more info on the race. If you need anything else answered just ask.

adrian said...

Are those cookies still available Sydney?

sydney_b said...

no more cookies, adrian. my body is racing temple now.

Emory, here are the links you need:

Nebraska Cycling News Elmwood info page
Register online at VeloSource

Kim c said...

Nice job w/racing Sydney! Thanks for the blog site-it's great to have riding information. It's nice to see more women out there cycling.

I can relate to neck stiffness-stretch, stretch and more stretching! The public library has a pretty good selection of cycling books. I also have a book called "The Female Cyclist" which has some good info. You're welcome to borrow it if you'd like.

sydney_b said...

Kim, I loaned "The Female Cyclist" from the library and have been making use of the stretches and some of the other info like the weight training. Thx for stopping by the blog. Be sure and go by Lincoln Roadies. In fact, it would be fabulous if you'd become a contributer there. You have a lot of cycling experience and the more chicks the better.


sda said...

i've used that book since '98. it is probably in later editions now (that will assuredly contain information on training with a power meter vs. ol fashioned heart rate monitors ...). i found that it:

a) helped me to become a stronger rider

b) kept me healthier throughout the season (periodisation helps keep the work load in check)

c) made me more efficient in my training

and d) helped me to set realistic expectations and goals for my racing

my bet is that if you read it cover to cover, digest the info. carefully and follow the steps, -you'll have a killer plan for the next season that'll help you in similar ways.

next best thing is a real live coach. but man they are spendy ....

monkeygirl said...

so on a reading list of someone whoes bike priorities are evolving still, someone being female, would you start with the Female Cyclist or the training bible, now that you have perused them both, I also tend to be suspect of gender specific things. Like when I tried on a woman specific bike, it was just to small in odd ways, though I admit, I have monkey arms. Just wondering what your opinion is though.

sydney_b said...

I am liking the training bible better at the moment, but mostly because racing seems to be it's objective. The Female cyclist was nice because it had a workout all set up for someone who was going to do their first century. So, in that regard, it would be useful.

I was looking for racing workouts. Since I already have a strong areobic base, I wanted workouts to improve specific things, like sprinting, leading up to a particular race. I was unable to find that in a book for this year, but got some help from other folks. For next year, I expect to use a lot from the training bible.

dale said...

My first structured training followed Friel's MTB Training Bible. I really like it but it can be a lot to digest. I actually found it easier to understand than Friel's 3rd Edition Cyclist's Training Bible.

I prefer Morris' Peformance Cycling. A smaller book than Friel, it is indepth and took be several reads to digest, but Friel's book was the like that for me as well.

Morris has a couple different takes than Friel, especially on overtraining. Morris is also based on 10 day cycles of training so they don't fit into weekly rides. Maybe there is a copy in the library.

Here is a commentary I found on the Morris system:

Either Friel, Morris, and other structured training will greatly improve your racing.

sydney_b said...

monkeygirl, I'm liking the training bible because it's focused on racing specifically, but the female cyclist is also very good.