Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bianchi Milano

Bianchi Milano
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Mom i found ur bike! Here's a link to a much better picture and specs.


Beerorkid said...

he he
I have been looking for a bike for the mother in law. The milano would be awesome, but she does not want to spend that much. Was thinking the rollo, or get an older vintage cruiser from that one shop mnext to pizanno's on south street.

She might not ride it that much so kinda worried about getting a fancy one right away.

sydney_b said...

i think tho, that you have to make sure it's fun the first couple of times if the goal is to get her into it.

If the bike is too hard to pedal or doesn't have a good easy gear, might kill the impulse right off. So, make sure the rings are set so hills aren't a problem, 'cause they're so much more difficult to climb with those cruiser/upright bikes.

Also, consider getting her something to ride in. The cycling skorts are attractive and bequeath all the benefits of cycling shorts. Chafing also kills the spirit.

Looking nice and enjoying the experience, so it's not "exercise/work," may go a long ways towards encouraging her to ride often.

Oh, and if she likes going to the Farmer's market, or someplace like that, put a basket on. It'll be nostalgic and useful.

(too much advice as always -- i know. sigh) -- Ima Yammerbox.

Beerorkid said...

naw actually it is perfect. And I can get my wife out on my SS every now and then. If she went to ride with her mom, that would rule.

They farmers market every week. I have pedaled with Theresa down there a few times as well.

They got me a kids bike and horn for my birthday. I got a pic with the frilly tassles, and horn to satisfy them, but I kept the horn for about a month. Gave them to the neighbor kid eventually. So I will get to exact my revenge on her bike. it is gonna be awesome.

bennetbeauty said...

Wow! That is one beautiful bike!!!How much of my baby sitting money would that take? I am liking the riding for exercise, and my feet are really in favor of cycling.

Anonymous said...

Sid, If you can con mom or dad into purchasing a bike let's go for the gold. Very interesting site. Your uncle Howard

sydney_b said...

bennetbeauty, the Milano has an 8spd internally geared hub which means you wouldn't have to do hardly anything in maintenance. But, the 8spds might not be enough for the gravel roads unless u were to swap the chainring for a smaller one to make the lowest gear even easier.

Probably a better choice for hilly gravel roads would be the entry level "Avenue" or the with its 21 speeds ($340), or the 24spd ($499) "Boardwalk." The Boardwalk also comes in a pretty faded celeste color. You can view it by clicking on the thumbnail pic to the right of the red bike. I think either of these bikes would be light, useful for pulling the tag-along or burley, and a lot more fun to ride than anything you've got going now.

What you get by spending a little more on a Bianchi versus a bike from Stuffmart, is service from your local bike shop, lighter weight, higher quality components and steel, as well as supporting your local business. Also, most small bike shops have service agreements, so you'll get tune-ups and folks who really do care about the quality of your ride.

sydney_b said...

Glad u stopped in, Howard. Although Dad is sticking with his four-legged conveyences, mom and sis are putting miles on the bikes. The nicest thing about the bike is that you don't get the concussion like running or even walking, plus you can travel greater distances. It's been tons of fun. Do stop in again. I'm doing my second race this weekend in Norfolk, so there'll be news by Monday. :)