Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where am i?

Where am i?
Where am i?,
originally uploaded by sydney_b.
Anyone know who this dude is and where he stands? (podunk u can't answer this one)


sda said...

william jennings bryan, over off of sumner?

... and i haven't lived in lincoln for 8 years so if i'm wrong please be kind.

MOD said...

Oh, SDA beat me to the punch. I went to Bryan daycare when my Mom worked at the hospital. Yep, 30 some years ago.

pcakes just happens to work at Bryan middle school in Bellevue, he was quite the man.

sydney_b said...

o man. way too easy, but you got it right on the 'ol man's nose, sda. William Jennings Bryan on the south side of the hospital. (gonna be sneakier next time)

adrian said...

William Jennings @ Bryan...so easy!

Anonymous said...

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