Saturday, July 22, 2006

The road race experience so far

The road race was more fun than the time trial. I don't know if it was mainly because I needed more coffee or what, but it seemed to take forever for my legs to kick in on the TT. The road race was controlled by the Ciao Baby crew and I got a lot of flak from their lead guy for not knowing what he was trying to run at the front and participating. But he seemed to forgive me after the race when he found out it was my first road race and even invited me to come ride with them. So, that was cool.

The most unnerving part was the last sprint. I hadn't listened well enough at the beginning and stayed on the long side of the double yellows after the turn, then got a little rattled by the mass sprint and neglected to sprint myself even tho I had adequate juice left to do so. Must keep my head in the game.

originally uploaded by sydney_b.

After the race, Mike gave me a good talking to about my failure to sprint and he and I ended up doing another lap of the lake and one practice sprint. I was still a little disheartened by my earlier failure to sprint at the right time, hungry, and a bit tired, so I didn't take full advantage of Mike's sprinting wisdom by doing a couple more. Oh well, I'll work on it.

If you'd like to see some pics, p0dunk has a few posted.

Results: 2 first place finishes in the women's cat 4 and a nice mention in the Nebraska Cycling News.


cb said...

Good work, kid! Just think what you can do when you figure things out. dad

podunk said...

Blogged some pics. Rock on, babe.

sydney_b said...

thx. pop. couldn't do it w/o all the help folks have been kind enough to give me. I just have to pay attention more closely and then make my body act on it at the right time.

bluno said...


sda said...

nice work. your a natural.