Monday, July 24, 2006

New commuter

New commuter
New commuter,
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Rode to work with my lawyer sister this morning. Saw a couple of other commuters too. Was fun to have the company.


Filemore said...


your bike law link is sweet, but have you noticed with that particular website that nebraska's bicycle laws are not even included. Here is a link to Lincoln's statutes that i finally found after doing a mad search one day. Thought you might find it interesting. It was in pdf format so i put it into the cw website for ease of use.

Nice work at the race this weekend. Did you ever find matching red tires?

sydney_b said...

hey, thanks for the link, Butch. Gonna look through these so I know my rights.

gravy said...
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Sorrel Top said...

You need a follow up pic of my beet-red face coming back up Sumner to your house! Amazingly, I'm not sore today. I'll give it another shot tomorrow. Thanks for showing me the route.

sydney_b said...

Justa help u keep things in perspective ... not all that long ago on my first commuting day and return to my bike, I took the same route and ended up swearing off that street for a month. ;)

Anonymous said...

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