Friday, July 21, 2006

Kickin' it in @ 7:37

Well, gonna give this road racin' thing a go starting with a 7:37 am time trial start tomorrow. I'm pretty nervous. Couldn't sleep last night. Kept having dreams about mismatched tires -- kind of like those dreams where you're naked in a crowd. Well, in my dream, I kept seeing bridgestones with matching red tires, 'cept they belonged to other people. My bike had mismatches. Sheesh. Talk about wasted dream time. Anyway, I think it's going to be fun.


podunk said...

I think if you want to avoid having dreams about matching tires you'd have to avoid fretting about matching tires during your conscious hours.

I'm just sayin'. ;-)

sda said...

sweet. good for you. my first road race was the state games time trial in 1985. i'll never forget watching my best buddy puke as he crossed the finish line.

have fun ;).

sydney_b said...

ha ha, podunk. It's clear you have no idea what being a lycra clad OC is all about.

And, sda, pukin' huh? That's OK. It passes quick. I'll try to eat something I won't mind so much a second time. ;)

podunk said...

True, that. this rocks.