Monday, July 31, 2006

*HOT* and windy

Originally uploaded by sydney_b.
Despite the over 100 degree heat and ferocious wind, several new faces appeared this Monday. A big welcome goes out to Sci~fi, Ben, John, Mark, and a couple of others who I didn't get to meet. Twas great to see 'em, and I'm tellin' you, anybody out peddling around 6 today deserved a round of applause.
We took Hwy 77 into the wind, then split into two groups, which both eventually flew back to town with the tailwind. A good time was had by all, and I hope everybody shows up again. :)


Sorel Top said...

You are all insane, and I mean that in the nicest possible way!

gravy said...

I felt like everyone was like, "Hey, let's take old elephant wheels out in the hot wind and watch him wilt."

I've never heard my tires purr like that before. Treading 33.5 at one point. ZZZZzzzzz!

I was expecting a toodle through town to take, "where am I?", pictures.

Oh well. I'm glad I didn't pop.

sydney_b said...

ah, but you did great sci~fi. your pics can now be of the rolling hills and surrounding hiways. And you have to admit peddling into the wind was worth it when you turned back towards town.

gravy said...

Actually, after hitting Saltillo rd station again, one guy seemed to have a mechanical but told us to go on without him. I sat up for most of 14th. Never saw him reattach.

ps~ I'm glad I added about 20 psi to my tires. Argh... I coulda been glued to the asphalt.