Sunday, July 23, 2006

Gettin' schooled

Well, if you think you have a deal with a roadie, make sure you've worked out the details and signed a contract. This is the lesson I learned today during the circuit race. I thought Morgan and I would work together and after she pulled me up the hill into the wind on the fourth lap, I said sure, I'd pull up the hill on the fifth. So I did and didn't see her make her move. She jumped me and blazed off, opening a gap I wasn't able to close. The funny thing was, I knew this was possible, but didn't think it would happen until the end of the race. Oh well. We each won in our respective catagories and I got a lot smarter. Not only do I have an ever greater appreciation for the strategic and tactical aspects of road racing, but in an instant realized the advantages of STI shifters. In order to react to someone's move, you have to immediately be able to grab the gear you want and go. This may be especially true for a newbie like me who is likely to be a little slow realizing what's going on and formulating a response. Anyway, I'm strongly considering joining up with Kaos for the road stuff. It'd be a lot of fun to have some other women to work with and go to some bigger races functioning as a team.


htop said...

chalk it up as a lesson learned. why would you want to join a team who's riders pull moves like that. if everyone is on the same team, then there is no fun in the competition.

sydney_b said...

Well, I think you have a good point in terms of making local competition more interesting. However, since I'm cat 4 and Morgan is cat 3, the competition would seem to be for bragging rights alone and would likely hinder our ability to work together most effectively in larger regional events.

It wouldn't be such a a big deal, except around here there seems to be a severe shortage of women keenly interested in competitive cycling.

If I become the lone female cyclist on another team, then I'm a target for all the Kaos gals. I don't know much about how all this works, but that's what it would seem to be at this moment, but I'm definitely open to an education.

sydney_b said...

I should also add that the very same trick was suggested to me for use towards at the end of the race. Thus, my chagrin was mostly at being denied the opportunity to employ the tactic, rather than the fact that Morgan used it. I got schooled, that's Ok, but I learn quick.


htop said...

i shouldnt include everyone on that team as bad, so i will correct myself. you should talk to some of the women out there, start your own team to compete against the other(only)team.

sda said...

i believe that you can take something (learn) from every race no matter what your at in your racing experience. its good that you are taking notes.

starting something of your own could be really great. i think rose and becky had a cool thing going with team medussa back in the day.

it so cracks me up that kaos still around after all these years. i never would've thought that the little team we started (5 of us in 1991) would've lasted this long.

"what should we call it?"

"kaos. like from get smart."


sydney_b said...

sda ...I wondered where 'kaos' came from. It'd be cool if the Kaos web site had a 'about us' page that gave some history.

htop ... how about the'Wrench Wenches?' lol.

podunk said...

Monkey Wench

podunk said...

(just riffing off your idea. I like the ring of it.)