Saturday, July 29, 2006


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What an educational day. Today I had the good fortune to ride with this crew. We started from about 14th & Pine Lake Rd. and came back on Denton road. It's a good route with nice rollers going into Denton. The guys helped me practice drafting, pacelining, and moving in a group more smoothly, so I owe 'em a big thanks and hope they'll let me tag along again.


LT said...

Thanks for the Twizzlers and helping me along near the end. Hopefully the next time around I'll be able to finish a little stronger.

sydney_b said...

Keep challenging yourself like you did today and you'll make progress like nobody's biz. As far as being able to maintain during rides like today, pick someone riding like you'd like to ride and about your size, then eat and drink what and when they do both riding and on any stops. That's helped me a lot and I now have a pretty good sense of what I need to keep spinning for the long haul.

For example, I like a Clif bar/hour basically, but didn't have any round the house today, so started with a nutribar thing w/ plenty of protien and a king-sized salted nut roll candy bar at the first stop.

Peanuts=protein and fat for slower released energy and the sugary stuff in the center burned right away. Switched to the twizzlers for the finish b/c all energy in those is released pretty quick, they're cheap, and not hard on the tummy. All the gatorade stuff helps replace much needed salts and water. The energy drink gives caffeine for a good perceived energy boost and is thought to help mitigate pain. I don't know if it works, but I find them a great pick-me-up while riding hard.

Look forward to riding w/ u again.

cominatcha said...

Please don't follow my drinking examples. Beer burns right through me! Sometimes it's good to challenge yourself even eating and drinking during a ride. I don't recommend this but only for myself. Years of practicing bonking and dehyration will turn you into a freak like me. Know your limits.

3p0 said...

I love riding with the roadies who take you under their wing and show you how to work together in a group,

it's purdy fun.