Saturday, July 15, 2006

CSG Century

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So, my bro-in-law asks me why I like riding down the road. I have no real answer. I never thought it looked fun either, but now I like it a lot and really enjoyed today's CSG century. Met a guy named Michael who took a vacation to ride a tour in the Rockies. He's also been across the U.S. with his wife and two daughters. He was very cool and gave me and the fixie a nice long pull. Monday nite cycling buddy, A., joined the ride and we had a nice time on the way back . On the one stop we made on our return, it was really funny. This kid (late teens) asks me how old my bike is 'cause it looks old. Pleased that my design choices are prompting this kid to think of beautiful bikes of the past, I tell him it's brand new, but was made with some old style elements like lugs. Unimpressed, he nods, then tells me i ought to spend a little money and upgrade my saddle from that old leather thing. I said, "honey, this is a Broooks blah blah blah. It is the upgrade." He looks at me like I'm crazy. I wonder what he'd of thought if I'd gone on to tell him the bike only has one gear right now. Sheesh. Talk about taking the wind outa my sails. ;)


Lars Jensen said...

endless road? I am from denmark

sydney_b said...

Roads around here (nebraska, usa) often appear endless because there are few obstacles around which one must route them. Folks from other areas often call them boring, but personally, I kind of like them. Something about the long view to a horizon full of possibilities. I don't know. Just like it.

sda said...

thats something that i really like about where i live now - variety. mountains to the west (like immediately) for my hill fix; flat (errr, rolling) plains to the east for my expansive prairie fix.

i like bikes.

sydney_b said...

you're a lucky one, sda. don't be rubbin' it in. ;)