Monday, June 12, 2006

Me and Crazy Kelly

Me and Crazy Kelly
Me and Crazy Kelly,
originally uploaded by sydney_b.

This is "Crazy Kelly." And, to give you a sense of how he is, I heard one person describe him as a "two-year-old on crack." But really, he goes a long way towards making the trip. Always upbeat, charming, and utterly wild, he cheers folks up when they're suffering the wind by hollering stuff out the window of the van, and fixes bikes with speed. He also starts each day with a new hat. The one he's wearing in this pic is a pair of recycled men's underwear with a brim. After the century day, he would holler out "There's the fastest girl on BRAN" every time he saw me. Didn't matter if we were on the road, in a potluck dining hall, or a crowded SAG stop.

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